Richard Godden

Experienced Tech Lead Manager passionate about developing reliable, scalable, maintainable software particularly in the infrastructure and systems space.

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Throught Machine: Tech Lead Manager, Developer Experience

Responsible for the systems which get code from a developers machine to delivered ready for installation. We have an engineering department of over 300 developers contributing to a monorepo practicing continuous integration. We mainly develop in golang and deploy our microservice systems in kubernetes. Some of the main systems my team manage are:

Glemore Gas: Technical Manager

Ebico Oxford: Commercial Projects Manager

E2V Technologies Plc: Continuous Improvement Champion and Analyst

Havelock Europa Plc: Associate, Operations


Columbia University: Masters of Science in Computer Science

I graduated from my masters in computers science at Columbia. I was particularly interested in machine learning including deep learning but also gained a passion for systems development which guided my choice to become a software engineer rather than data scientist. I studied computational neuroscience to get a better understanding of the algorithms in the brain.

University of Cambridge: MA, Mathematics

I graduated from Cambridge University in 2009 having studied Mathematics with a particular focus on statistics. Between then and my masters I worked for seven years in a wide variety of technical and business roles in industries from manufacturing, electronics to energy supply.



Technical Skills

Other things

I dance salsa, bachata, kizomba and brazilian zouk. I have recently started climbing or more acurately falling from about 4m. I am an artist particularly figure drawing and painting and very occasionally dust off my saxophone and clarinet.